International Trade in Turkey is not for everyone. Many people think that it is so easy to deal with customers and suppliers. People think that it is enough to have some sales skills for being successful.

The truth is that there are several points to be taken in consideration :

1 - High knowledge of the Territory
2 - Strong connections in the industrial fields

3 - Skilled purchasers and sales people
4 - Ability in solving problems

Grupo Desa ltd is just the consequence of these four essential points. 
With our purchase and sales personnel,  all coming from the industrial sector (with the main orientation on the design production), we are able to find always the best cost effective solution for our customers.

The right question is not  ``What Grupo Desa Ltd offers ?``
The right question is not  ``What you are looking for in Turkey?``

Turkey is in economical expansion and due to the favorable cost of production, make this country the right place where to do good business, but only if you have the deep knowledge of the market.

In Turkey, you can find high quality productions, but the process have to be followed by who lives here and knows this country. 
Sale prices have to be dealt with by who lives everyday in the industrial sector.

Grupo Desa Ltd will help you to find what you are looking for, to save money and to trace your orders, being the warrantor of the quality of your orders.

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